15 Kim Newman and Anno Dracula

Kim Newman and Anno Dracula

I’m halfway through the literary feast that is Dracula Cha Cha Cha, the third book in Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula series. I’d been intrigued by Anno Dracula ever since I’d spotted it in Waterstones and admired its Victorian cover design, but I actually read it for the first time after being lent it by my girlfriend a couple of years ago. It contains one of the best opening sequences I’ve ever read: a Jack the Ripper-style murder in London fog, seen through the eyes of the killer. I was hooked. What follows is in essence an alternate history but also a reinterpretation of that most infamous of vampire novels, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Count Dracula escapes his hunters, the protagonists of Stoker’s story, and takes Queen Victoria as his bride. Meanwhile, a killer in Whitechapel is hunting down vampire girls and gorily dispatching them.
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14 Icing the Cake- Titling a Story

Icing the Cake: Titling a Story

I’m on the verge of releasing my novella to its first reader for feedback. I’ve just finished the final proofread, and I’m satisfied that it’s free from any narrative inconsistencies and, as far as I can tell, and glaring grammatical errors. There are few places I feel the story drags or derails slightly, but I’ll wait to see if my first wave of readers pick up on these – it’s hard to judge the pacing of a book when you’ve seen ‘behind the scenes’, as it were. There’s one part of the story that has just kept changing though, and that’s the title.
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