How to Build a Book Cover I: eBook

In my last post I discussed the design of book covers, examining how cover styles differ between genres and authors.  I also introduced the cover I’d knocked up for my own book, The Witching Hours.  Actually creating the cover was pretty enjoyable, and didn’t require any specialist software or skills.  In this two-part post, I’ll take you through how I built both the front cover for my ebook and the composite front, back and spine required for the printed copy. Read More

Cover Up: Exploring and Designing Book Covers

It’s been a while since my last post.  I can justify this, though, since I’ve still been writing – my novella The Witching Hours is now complete and live for download on Amazon.  It’s been a really enjoyable experience: taking a story from its first few pages to the length of a full novella, editing it, having it proofread, revising and finally publishing it.  I’ll likely write a full-length post about the publishing process and how I walked myself through it, but this one’s about something more specific.  This is about my book’s cover.
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