Steampunk Record Player: A Modelling Project

Earlier this year I decided to steampunk-ify my trusty record player.  I’d been considering it for a while – ever since I modded a couple of Nerf Guns back in my university days.  Records are pretty old school; it would only make sense to play them on a Victorianate turntable.  Eventually I bit the bullet and dug out my modelling saw.  Here’s how I built my Steampunk Record Player…

The Brief

I knew I could achieve a steampunk look simply by dismantling the record player and painting it brassy colours, but I wanted to add something to the player whilst modding it – I wanted to add some functionality.  For example, when I modded my Nerf Maverick, I added power to its firing mechanism and built in a shoulder chain for ease of use.  I decided to add a speaker to my record player, so that I wouldn’t have to keep thieving my girlfriend’s Logitechs whenever I wanted to play an LP.  Once I’d settled on this idea, it didn’t me long to decide to model the speaker on an old gramophone horn.

Topleft: Nerf Maverick. Bottom left: Nerf Jolt. Right: dismantled Maverick
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